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Hi-tech Logistics – Safety – Leading Prestige

SME’s High-tech Logistics services have been bringing many surprises to customers. Come join us to see more!

Comprehensive solution for every business

Your business is one of the leading enterprises in electronic components supply, household electrical appliances or telecommunications equipment, computer components or any high-tech products? You are looking for an optimal transportation solution or a warehouse to reduce inventory costs?

Let us help!

Since SME Logsitics – recognized leader,  has established a solid foothold in the market, we acknowledge that the supply chain of high-tech products is highly complicated and spreads out across many different regions. Therefore, providing a comprehensive solution for supply chain and logistics is our mission!

In case you are in need of a partner to help you rationalize your end-to-end processes across all modes of transport, documentary validation which helps your goods quickly be available across different sectors around the word, COME TO US! DISTANCE DOES NOT MATTER!

We are at your service – with leading quality

We are always at your service to support you with all the professional – Safe – Fast – Effective solution possible:

  • Representative offices: across continents, stretching from Vietnam – Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe! In which, the most representative offices are located in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Multimodal international transport services: road, rail, sea, air, allowing to optimize transportation costs as well as meet customer requirements in the fastest way.
  • Our compliance: shipping rules, commercial brokerage, regulations of each country, territory and international regulations. Therefore, we always build trust and responsibility with the customs department from representative offices around the world.
  • High security system: Not only high-tech products, , SME also has a unique security setting based on government regulations as to reduce risks of transit shipment.
  • Smart and accurate cargo information management system: we always update the order journey from supplier/manufacturer to destination, warehousing, storage and historical record.
  • Modern warehouse: with warehouses available, which can be individually designed according to your needs, we can ensure safe arrival without congestion. Our experts are dedicated to assisting throughout the installation, testing, lighting assembly, or even managing electrostatic discharge (ESD) requirements.
  • Last-mile service: we always take advantage of multimodal transport management services, for inbound and outbound shipments, to ensure delivery by scheduled time and last-mile service.

Over the years, SME has always gained trust of customers based on its reputation and effective working process. We have been and will improve our service to expand our branches and network in host countries, as well as always be aware of our attitude, responsibility, and dedicated service to individuals.

Hope to have your support!