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Distance Selling – Reach all continents: Logistics in macro-economic context

In the new context of 21st century economy, running a business is no longer narrow in a country, region or territory. Multinational and cross-border companies are increasingly gained in popularity, together with the establishment of economic regions with various strengths to shape featured industry backgrounds,… Trade between countries also becomes more important and necessary, which promotes Logistics field as a key – urgent industry in the world.

The term Logistics is generally the implementation of service chain from pre-manufacture to end-user. In a general business sense, the resources managed in logistics may include transportation, warehouse, documentary process, consultancy (customs procedure, tax, insurance,…), import and export activities, trade, distribution channel, retailers and others. The presence of Logistics helps businesses concentrate on manufacture and goods distribution rather than the burden on transportation method and paperwork, which fosters human resources development and solid professional skills.

Moreover, the development of logistics service will create equal opportunities for enterprises of all economic sectors and attract domestic and foreign investment. It is undeniable that the development of logistics will enhance the economy of a country, leading to fair-competitive market in all aspects such as manufacturing, exporting and importing.

Logistics will be and is always a key industry and indispensable in the future as its significant role to all aspects.

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