Air freight

At SME Logistics, our comprehensive air services will ensure to handle your freight in a professional, safe and timely manner. This consists of an end-to-end logistics management solution that reduces transportation search costs, accelerates decision-making and improves communication among all parties involved in the supply chain in all major airports worldwide.

Our international expertise and relationship with all major carriers can help offer flexible options to move your freight to and from all locations throughout the globe. With our professional staff available 24/7/365, we’re always ready to provide support to clients anywhere, at anytime and whenever they need.

Our services include:

- Airport to airport worldwide - Door to door
- Door to door- Airport to door
- Customs service- Inland delivery
- Certified hazardous material handling- Custom service
- Certified licensed cargo handling- Bonded cargo
- Consolidation- Oversize, overweight cargoes services
- Oversize, overweight cargoes services
- Valuable cargo